Early Modern Ottoman Studies (EMOS)

Early Modern Ottoman Studies (EMOS) is a research group of historians specializing in Ottoman History in the Early Modern Period. Its purpose is to encourage scholarly discussion and interchange of ideas among its members, to organize regular conferences, and to promote research and publications on every aspect of Early Modern Ottoman History. 

The story of Early Modern Ottoman Studies (EMOS) originates from the idea of organizing an academic meeting on the “17th-century crisis” in 2007. In 2008, this was realized as a series of panels within the XI. ICOSEH congress in Ankara. The panels assumed the form of an independent workshop within the congress, and, upon its success, the organizers decided to convene a series of workshops.

The second workshop, “The Ottoman empire in the 17th century,” was hosted by Istanbul Şehir University in Istanbul in 2012. Its main theme was “crisis and change”. This workshop brought the idea of organizing a workshop for the 18th century, and a workshop was held in 2013, again hosted by Istanbul Şehir University.

The third workshop, titled “Crisis and Change in the 17th-century Ottoman Empire” focusing specifically on the “Economic Crises and Changes,” was held in Ankara hosted by METU in 2013. All these three workshops were supported by Tarih Vakfı.

After a long hiatus, the organizers decided to expand these themes and extend the timeframe to cover the early modern period, resulting in the EMOS Conference of the Historians Association (Tarihçiler Derneği) in Ankara on July 12-15, 2023.

The next EMOS Conference will be hosted by Sabancı University in Istanbul on June 27-28, 2024 as an interim conference before the 2025 EMOS Conference.